HealthyMePHR for Providers

Using FHIR integration and HEART standards, HealthyMePHR offers an easy solution for out-of-network providers to receive access to a patient’s healthcare record while supporting privacy and security.

How does it work? Patients store their medical records in their own repository and with verified I.D. authentication, can share their medical data with their physicians.

HealthyMePHR software developer Nancy Lush notes “Concerns about security, privacy, and data interoperability have long impeded the efficient exchanging of clinical health data, but we are finally at an inflection point and at the forefront of a new class of solutions dedicated to improving patient/physician engagement and well-being.”

The benefits are many! By empowering physicians with consolidated health records we enable them to make sound decisions regarding treatment based on accurate, past and present data. The result is efficient healthcare with less administrative cost!

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